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i thought i was passed this the day it has passed. those years in the death, over all.
so i heard he said "just don't forget me till the day you'll be in the grave. your memories inside of me. control never let this stress for reduce.

i never let me drop this fuckin hell. bring me back to those regretful days.

why did i shouldn’t go hit this hurting pain. i can’t keep me fade away another year. nobody knows when we should say goodbyes. say goodbyes.

where did you go? i can't go through all this pain. do i know he's gone?

where did you go? every memories has gone.

in a life time of me, nothings can tearing me apart. in empty eye there is you.

show me what you left.

the weight of four yeas, pulling me down. can’t forget those day when you alive. i’ve felt myself so apart from you.


from 2015 DEMO, track released March 1, 2015



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F.P Kyoto, Japan

F.P from Kyoto, JPN

hard core/metal core

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